Do you have a vegetable that you can't stand? Maybe it is peas? Carrots? Rutabaga? What about a vegetable that changes 100% when it is cooked? There is a vegetable that has an entire month dedicated to it. What is this workhorse vegetable that you will find in almost every cooked dish?

Is Celery the 'Workhorse" vegetable of the universe?

Homemade Wild Rice and Chicken Soup in a Bowl

Celery is not a superfood, but it does the job of so many different needs in the culinary world. Celery is in so many different dishes, for those who don't mind the stringy vegetable, it's no big deal. But ask a chef, and celery is one third of their major ingredients.

What is Mirepoix and why do Chef's use it so much?

Buffalo Wings with Celery Sticks and Beer

Mirepoix is a mixture of diced onions, carrots, and celery that has been sauteed or cooked in oil or fat, as the basis of a recipe. This is the basis of most braises, soups and a few hundred more recipes.

Is Celery healthy? Or is it just something to eat with wings?

Fresh cut celery sticks and a dish of Ranch dressing dip

Celery is fairly healthy, and a great source of water, potassium and fiber. Could this be one of the reasons that so many people try to add it to their eating plan when they are on a path to loosing weight?

What is the most common recipe where Celery is the superstar?


While people might use celery in recipes, like soup, it can be sautéed or roasted and served as a side dish, added to your smoothie, juiced or even made into a celery soup.

While celery seems to be healthy, can people be allergic to celery, like peanuts or fish?

fresh celery stems
Peter Zijlstra

Most definitly someone can be allergic to celery and it can cause anaphylaxis to those who have an allergy. So while not common, it does exist.

How do you prefer to eat your celery? In a dish where it is so cooked that you barely recognize? Or as a side to wings? Which is your favorite?

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