A large outage was recently reported and it caused extra frustration throughout the Hudson Valley.

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Technology is great, but when it decides not to work it can cause incredible frustration and concern. Having access to any kind of phone is very important because you never know when an emergency will happen and you need to be able to call for help if needed. The NYS Thruway Authority recently experienced a large outage and when something like this happens it's always a good reminder of what to do and how to proceed forward.

What happened at the NYS Thruway Authority recently?

According to the NYS Thruway Authority Facebook Page, a nationwide outage with Verizon had reportedly happened and the Thruway Authority's non-emergency numbers were not working properly for Verizon users because of it. Ugh, that can be very frustrating.

What should you do if an outage like this happens?

The NYS Thruway were advising people to call or text 911 if they need roadside assistance or if an emergency is going on. This allows everyone to still get all of the help they need if god forbid something bad happens. The Thruway Authority also increased patrols on the Thruway to make sure everyone was able to get help and assistance if they needed it.


How did the outage get resolved?

According to the NYS Thruway Authority's Facebook, around 10:19am (on Wednesday) the outage was RESOLVED and everything seemed to be back to normal.


Thank you to all the hard working people who got the service back up and fixed the outage so everyone can have more piece of mind while traveling.

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