You'll be surprised to find out how much texting and driving will cost you in New York State.

So the short answer to the question will cost you a lot. Driving is dangerous enough, and when you add texting into the mix it makes it even more scary. I can't even count how many times I've been driving minding my own business and all of a sudden a car comes near me and they are all over the road.

Of course, I drive by, make a stink face, and see they have a phone in their hand and are doing god knows what with it. If you are one of the people who texts and drives you might want to think about this also, it can be very expensive if you get a ticket.


How much will texting and driving cost you in New York?

So I'll break down the amounts for the cost of a cell phone ticket:

  • One offense- $50 to $150
  • Second offense in an 18 month period- $50-$200
  • A third offense in an 18-month period- $50-$450

Also, a cellphone/texting ticket can have a $88 or $93 surcharge depending on when the driver was fined. THIS IS NOT INCLUDED AND IS AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Don't forget about points...drivers who get 6 or more points for violations can pay another called the Driver Assessment Responsibility and this just racks up more money.

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So if that hasn't convinced you to not do it, your auto insurance can also go up due to violations. According to sources, one ticket can cause a rate increase as much as 20%. thank you.

So for worst-case scenario purposes let's add everything up. You're looking at almost $1,000 with everything, even with one offense you'll have to pay almost $300. Again.....NO THANK YOU.

Drive safe out there and don't text, we all just want to get home safely.

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