The CDC's new recommendations for distributing the coronavirus vaccine now calls for states to start vaccinating folks who are 65 years and older, instead of the previous guidance of 75 and older.

New York State meanwhile started its Phase 1B of the vaccination process on Monday according to a story airing on WIVB-TV. Governor Andrew Cuomo has concerns about the change, with the number of folks who now qualify jumping to about 7 million, when the state only gets 300 thousand doses per week.

“At 300,000 per week. How do you effectively serve 7 million people, all of whom are eligible?” he said, during a teleconference Tuesday.

For Western New Yorker's trying to reach someone on the state’s vaccination hotline, it has been a frustrating process with limited success.

Patience is asked by the State Department of Health as they attempt to handle the high call volume.

Erie County Health Department says their phone lines have been strained by people looking to get vaccines. The county health department is not the first stop for vaccine appointments.

People are encouraged to first call the state’s vaccine hotline or use New York State's online tool to find the pharmacies that are taking appointments.

Many local pharmacies are still waiting for the vaccine to arrive.

“We did obtain our box of supplies from the state, we’re expecting it every day now,” said Jeff Rutowski Kenmore Prescription Center Inc.

You may find the following links helpful in your search for vaccinations and appointments:


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