Wearing seat belts is apparently important enough, that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has chosen the month of November to make sure everyone knows about wearing one.

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You might be hearing more radio and tv commercials reminding you to wear your seat belts now through the end of November. If you fail to buckle-up, you might be a victim, or 'success' of the "Click It or Ticket" enforcement that will then be taking place by law enforcement from November 16-29, 2020

If you don't wear your seat belt, you have your reasons, but here are a few facts from the NTSHA website, that may or may not sway you to buckle it up.

  • 90.7 % of people who got into a car in 2019 wore a seat belt.
  • Who's not wearing their seat belt? The excuses cross many genders and ages. Keep this in mind, of the persons aged 19 to 34 that were killed in car crashes in 2018 58% of them were not wearing a seat belt. Could their lives been saved?
  • Does your father or your son not wear their seat belt? Another statistic to share with you, it is men, more than women who are often found without their seat belts when in auto fatalities. Does that mean we encourage our mother's and daughters to wear their seat belts, but it's ok for you not too?

Do you think that it is alright for you to not wear a seat belt in the back seat of the car? There is a theory that Princess Diana would not have died in that car crash outside of Paris if she had been wearing a seat belt. Too soon?

New York State has said that starting 11/1/2020 that passengers and drivers can be ticketed if all persons in their vehicle are not buckled up. It is worth the $50 fine or loosing your life?

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