When was the last time you had to take a taxi? If you are in and out of a city in the Hudson Valley or one of the five-boroughs, then you know it is an easy and mostly convenient way to get around.

How much do you think a cab or taxi costs? A couple of dollars, maybe? The actual rate of the ride will depend on the distance that you travel, the time it takes you to get there, and if there are any tolls. Yep, tolls are everywhere.

The City of Newburgh, New York is raising their taxi fares for the first time since 2008.

Do you even remember what you were doing in 2008? Nope, most of us cannot either.

So how much is the base fare for a tax cab ride in that begins in the City of Newburgh, NY?

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Magnifical Productions

According to the City of Newburgh website, the base fare will increase to $8.00, on June 1, 2022. Does this seem like a huge increase? How much do you think you should pay, just to hire a cab or taxi? $5? How often do you take a cab?

Does everyone start with that same $8.00 base fare in the City of Newburgh?

No, not everyone. Passengers who are over the age of 65, can be charged a base fare of $4.00.

So why were the taxi fares increased, they have been working fine for such a long time, why increase them?

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The Newburg City Council voted to change the base fare, and the Taxi cab ordinances. Which ordinancesOrdinances No. 4-2022 to amend Chapter 272 and Ordinance No. 5-2022 to amend Section 288-80 Schedule XXII: Taxi Stands of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Newburgh.

What do you think is a fair base fare for a taxi cab ride in the City of Newburgh? Keep in mind, the $8 is just the base fare. The final passenger fee will be determined by time, distance, and tolls.

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