Many famous people have been inside the Orange County theater and one television show was greatly inspired by it.

I'm a huge Hollywood buff so any place where celebrities have frequented is right up my alley. I'm sure you've pass this theater a number of times, but you might be surprised about how many famous people have been inside. Any ideas of what theater it is?

The Ritz Theater in Newburgh. NY:

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

The Ritz Theater is located at 107 Broadway in Newburgh. From the outside the theater looks like it's in a decent sized building and a normal theater, but when you step inside it's like your transported into old Hollywood. You might recognize some of the names that have come into the theater like.....Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Prima, Dick Powell and Lucille Ball.

This is an even bigger popular television show was reportedly inspired by the Ritz Theater.

Lucille Ball made her stage debut at the Ritz Theater and it's reported that the Ritz Theater stage planted the seed for their VERY POPULAR show 'I Love Lucy'. How awesome is that? Not a lot of people know that fun fact and I have admit that I just learned it a few years ago.

The Ritz Theater has been here a while, the original structure which holds the theater was constructed in 1883 and the theater is the last remaining theater in the city.

Have you been to the Ritz Theater before? Did you know the whole story behind the theater? Share your experience with us on the station app.

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