Did this Newburgh store start carrying a kit to clean up blood because of the city's violent reputation?

This item was found in plain sight at a Newburgh shop. Have you seen one of these at other locations or is it only in Newburgh?

Imagine shopping for groceries, school supplies, clothes, electronics, or toys for your kids when all of a sudden you see a bag of material used to clean up a blood spill. Have you ever seen a kit that cleans up blood just sitting there in public view?

Newburgh unfortunately has a reputation for violence. According to Neighborhood Scout, the crime rate in Newburgh is much higher than the average across America. They ranked Newburgh, New York as being the 36th most dangerous city in America for 2021. That number is just one step below Compton.

Blood Spill Kit in Newburgh Wal-Mart

This kit was found at the Wal-Mart in Newburgh. Have you seen these in the Fishkill or Monroe locations? Does Newburgh specifically carry this due to the violence in the area? Are these blood spill kits more common than we think?

We reached out to Wal-Mart to see if there were more stores that carried these kits.

Wal Mart
Wal Mart

These kits may be commonly found in stores but have you ever noticed them before? It turns out other shoppers have noticed for years and have been calling attention to it.

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