A quick-thinking police officer rescued a man from the Hudson River after an apparent jump from the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.

On Wednesday around 8:45 a.m., the Town of Newburgh Police Department responded to the Newburgh Beacon Bridge for a report of a man who was thinking of jumping from the bridge. Many called 911 to report the man was contemplating jumping from the bridge, police say.

First Responders Rush To Newburgh-Beacon Bridge For Apparent Jumper


"Officers arrived and started to quickly cover all areas on both spans of the bridge," the Town of Newburgh Police Department stated in a press release.

Orange County NY Fire Calls states on Facebook that the Middle Hope Fire Department was called to the scene for a "jumper" who was in the Hudson River near the Newburgh Beacon Bridge.

Officers Find Man In Hudson River Trying To Swim To Newburgh, New York

NYS Bridge Authority
NYS Bridge Authority

Arriving police officers spotted a man in the river, near the bridge span. The man was moving and waving his arms, police say. The man was trying to swim towards the Newburgh shoreline, police add.

Orange County NY Fire Calls reports 911 calls stated the man was south of the bridge and trying to swim to the shore in Newburgh.

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As first responders were making arrangements to get a boat into the water to help the man, officers noticed the man's progress towards Newburgh was declining, likely due to exhaustion.

Resourceful Town Of Newburgh Sgt. Rescues Man From Hudson River

NYS Bridge Authority
NYS Bridge Authority

That's when Sgt. Matthew Nadolny got resourceful. The Town of Newburgh police Sgt. asked someone to borrow a jet ski from someone at the Newburgh Yacht Club.

Nadolny then rode the jet ski to the man, got him to board the jet ski and safely brought him to the Newburgh shoreline where EMTs were waiting.

The man, whose name isn't being released, survived and somehow didn't suffer any serious injuries, police say.

"Thanks to the quick, coordinated efforts of the Town of Newburgh Police, NYS Police, NYS Bridge Authority and (the) City of Newburgh Police it does not appear the victim suffered any serious injuries," the Town of Newburgh Police Department stated in a press release. "(He) was transported by the Town of Newburgh Volunteer Ambulance to the hospital."

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