Across New York State, this activity is now banned at all state parks, beaches and playgrounds.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill on July 15th 2022 that prohibits smoking cannabis and tobacco in all state-owned beaches, boardwalks, marinas, playgrounds, recreation centers, and group camps. Here's what she had to say when she signed this bill into law:

"Smoking is a dangerous habit that affects not only the smoker but everyone around them, including families and children enjoying our state's great public places," Governor Hochul said. "I'm proud to sign this legislation that will protect New Yorker's health and help reduce litter in public parks and beaches across the state."

Many municipalities and local governments already have restrictions or bans on smoking in public spaces. Since 2003, New York restaurants haven't allowed smoking indoors.

Not only is smoking cause health issues, but there is health risks posed by secondhand smoke. Also, New York State looked at the issues of cigarette butts causing a major environmental hazard. These cause issues because they have non-biodegradable filters that are discarded.

Through this prohibition, parks and beaches will be kept cleaner and safer as will our local ecosystems."

Smoking in these designated areas will be punishable with a civil fine of $50. The bill exempts the Adirondacks and Catskills from the ban as well as parking lots, sidewalks adjoining parks, and areas not used for park purposes. You can read more online from the governor's office here.

Please note that Vaping and e-cigarettes are not covered under this legislation.

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