We all know that one person at work. But imagine working with this guy?

A state man has been charged with second-degree reckless endangerment after authorities say he threatened another man while at work recently. Police have not divulged too many details as of yet, so we're not quite certain how this encounter escalated. Needless to say, this could make a lot of things very awkward at this place of employment.

Suspect Threatens Man

Police say the 26-year-old suspect from Penfield threatened his coworker at the construction site they were working at. Officials say the suspect held a nail gun up to the back of the other man's neck at the site in Macedon. The suspect is now facing charges, according to WHAM. Police say he was released with an appearance ticket.

Macedon is a town located in Wayne County, New York.

Another New York Man Uses Nail Gun 

If this story sounds a bit familiar, you may be thinking back to 2020 when another altercation at work lead to the use of a nail gun. WNYT says that an Albany County employee shot his coworker in the arm with a nail gun that day.


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The sheriff's office told WNYT that the incident happened at the County Department of Public Works. A Colonie man was arrested and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, according to police. The shooter even allegedly threatened the victim with more nails to other parts of the anatomy.


There is no word about how the dispute began, and just exactly how on Earth a railgun was involved. WNYT says the victim underwent surgery and is expected to be okay. It is safe to say though that HR probably won't be too thrilled with this wannabe Tim "The Toolman" and his handy work. Maybe next time just settle your differences over beers after work?

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