A new study discovered that driving in New York State is getting drastically more dangerous.

Turns out New Yorkers rank among the "least improved" drivers in all of the United States. That's according to 5-year study from Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek.

Drivers In New York State Are Terrible, Study


Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek reached out to Hudson Valley Post to let us know its findings.

"It can be a battlefield out on the open road (or even just on the daily commute). America may well be a great car country, but the same cannot be said of today’s drivers, many of whom illegally speed, use cell phones, or even drive after drinking," Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek stated in an email.

New York State is home to some very dangerous roads. Including:

The 5 Most Dangerous Roads In New York State

The most dangerous roads in New York.

Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek analyzed data between 2018-2022 from Inc.com, SmartAsset, Finder and QuoteWizard to figure out America's most and least improved drivers over the past five years.

Arizona Has the Nation's Most Improved Drivers


The study found that Arizona drivers are the most improved. In 2018, drivers in the Grand Canyon State were considered the second-worst drivers in the nation.

But now, in 2022, Arizona ranked 8th in terms of best drivers. That's a jump of 41 spots, the most overall improvement.

Michigan Has Least Improved Drivers In the United States

Michigan is the state with the least improved drivers, according to Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek.


"You probably don’t want to find yourself driving in Michigan, the state which saw the least improvement over the last five years. In fact, Michiganders used to be among the nation’s best drivers. Drivers here had proudly held the number 10 position in 2018, but tumbled down 39 places to come 49th in 2022. Talk about taking your eye off the ball - or, more likely, the road," Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek states.

New Yorkers Rank Among America's "Least Improved" Drivers

How did New York rank? Not that high.

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New York ranked among the least improved drivers, according to the study. Between 2018 and 2022 New York dropped from 19th overall to 38th.

Texting and driving wreck hitting pedestrian

"New York drivers ranked in the second half of the table, placing in 42nd most improved overall, meaning their driving skills trended downwards over a 5-year period, compared to other states. Indeed, while in 2018 they were the 19th best drivers in the country, they ended in 2022 in 38th position - a drop of 19 places," Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek said about New York drivers.

Wild Winter: ‘Above Normal’ Snowfall Still Expected For New York State

Making matters worse, in 2021 New York had the 5th best drivers in the nation, but that number dropped to 38 in just one year.

The Most Dangerous Roads In New York - Two Are In The Capital Region

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