Flag Day is June 14.  Here are 12 places, patriotic places, honoring events and people, that you might want to consider visiting this Flag Day.

On this list you will find interesting museums, such as the remarkable National Purple Heart Wall of Honor Museum in New Windsor.  This is an exciting museum with hands-on exhibits, many multi-media presentations, and a data roll of those who have received this award over the last 200+ years.

You can also visit the graves of three people who showed a large dose of patriotism over their lives.  Sara Hinson, is the "Mother of Flag Day" and is remembered as a dedicated educator in Buffalo.  Kate Smith was one of the great voices of the 20th Century.  Her 50 year career included her introducing Irving Berlin's immortal "God Bless America" to the American public.  And Francis Bellamy's grave is amazing in that his grave marker, in Rome, NY, is inscribed with the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, a pledge to he wrote himself!

Also on this list we mention three important  Upstate New York forts that have played an important part in our nation's history.  These are amazing places to visit any time of the year, and are perfect places to visit for Flag Day.  These include "America's Fort," "The Fort That Never Surrendered," and "The Oldest Fort in North America."  All three are great!

Honor America!  Happy Flag Day!

Show Your Patriotism This Flag Day At Any of These 12 Upstate New York Places

This year, salute Flag Day (June 14) by visiting any or all of these "patriotic" places in Upstate New York. They include important U.S. forts, military museums, presidential landmarks, and more.

Of note are the graves of two famous patriotic American women, and one man, Sara Hinson, Francis Bellamy, and Kate Smith. Hinson is considered to be the "Mother of Flag Day," having instituted programs to instill a love of America in her students in the Buffalo, NY area. "Her" flag day became an official holiday when signed as so in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. And singer Kate Smith is one of the entertainment world's greatest legends. She raised over $600,000,000 single-handedly for War Bonds during World War II, and is known for her immortal introduction of Irving Berlin's musical ode to the United States, "God Bless America." Francis Bellamy is the author of the Pledge of Allegiance. The "pledge" is written across the bottom of his grave marker in Rome, NY. Both women are also buried in Upstate New York.

All of the places mentioned in this "Flag Day Gallery" are open to the public with directions to them, as well as a link to the subject's website (where needed).

So, we urge you to consider these places when you are thinking about hitting the road this Flag Day. There are many more places in Upstate New York, that will pull on our heart strings this holiday, so please feel free to give those not mentioned here a big shoutout over on our Facebook page.

We hope you honor America in your own special way this June 14.nnHappy Flag Day!

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