Residents from the Hudson Valley and across New York State are going above and beyond to help a family who lost five children in a weekend crash. Here's how you can help.

A GoFundme is now available to help the family dealing with this "unimaginable" tragedy.

Eyewitness News ABC7NY /YouTube
Eyewitness News ABC7NY /YouTube

“It’s unimaginable. Having to now make arrangements for five of your children to be buried is a very difficult thing for anyone — one child, never mind five that you’re going to have to now make arrangements for,” Derby, Connecticut Superintendent of Schools Matt Conway said.

Five Youths Kills In Crash Crash On Hutchinson River Parkway

GoFundMe For Family After 5 Killed In Westchester County, New York Crash

On Monday, Da'Shawna Cross started a GoFundMe to help the family bury their children.

"Hi, my name is Da'Shawna Cross I am making a fundraiser to help bury our children we lost, we as parents lost 5 of our children in a very tragic accident and need help deeply with giving them a great home going service please anything will help we just want to put our babies to rest," Cross stated in the GoFundMe.

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As of this writing, nearly $55,000 has been raised. CLICK HERE to donate.

"This is the most painful post I ever had to write in my life. My (family) lost our precious kids in a fatal car accident," Anthony Billups wrote on Facebook. "The pain we are feeling words (can't) even express. We wouldn't wish this to happen to anyone in this world."

Victims In Fatal Crash In Westchester County, New York Identified


Westchester County officials identified the five youths who were killed in the car crash during a press conference on Monday.

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The Five children who died in the crash were reportedly siblings and cousins.

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