New York lawmakers are acting after a new study showed a shocking number of young adults know nothing about the Holocaust and hundreds of hate crimes have been committed against Jewish New Yorkers in 2022.

There's now a new law in New York State that will make sure students in the Empire State are being taught about the Holocaust.

New York Students To Learn More About The Holocaust

Victims of German & Austrian Nazi WW II Atrocities
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On Wednesday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a package of bills that her office believes will honor and support Holocaust survivors in educational, cultural and financial institutions.

"As New Yorkers, we are united in our solemn commitment to Holocaust survivors: We will never forget," Hochul said. "These are individuals who have endured unspeakable tragedy but nonetheless have persevered to build lives of meaning and purpose right here in New York. We owe it to them, their families, and the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust to honor their memories and ensure future generations understand the horrors of this era."

Legislation Will Help Ensure that New York State Schools are Properly Educating Students on the Holocaust

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One bill signed into New York law will help ensure schools are providing high-quality Holocaust education. The bill will require reviews of schools to ensure they are in compliance with Holocaust education requirements.

"With antisemitism on the rise, and Holocaust misinformation exploding around the world, it's never been more important that we learn the lessons of the Holocaust, and ensure our next generation knows about our history, no matter how dark or difficult the conversation may be. It's why I've fought tirelessly to pass the Holocaust Education Bill, so that we can ensure this vital history is being taught to students in New York, and so that we may never forget what happened" State Senator Anna M. Kaplan said.

Gov Hochul pointed to a recent study that showed a portion of young adults living in New York have no knowledge of the Holocaust.

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"The legislation directs the New York State Education Department to determine whether school districts across the state have met education requirements on the instruction of the Holocaust, which have been required by law since 1994. It will also require NYSED to identify how non-compliant schools will close gaps in knowledge of the Holocaust in schools," Hochul's office stated in a press release.

New York Museums To Acknowledge Art Stolen from the Jewish Community during the Nazi Era in Europe

Another bill will require museums in the Empire State to acknowledge art stolen by the Nazi regime. Artwork stolen from Jewish homes by the Nazis is found hanging in New York museums with no recognition of the dark paths they traveled there, according to State Senator Anna M. Kaplan. During the Holocaust, around 600,000 paintings were stolen from Jewish homes.

Museums Around New York City Re-Open To The Public After Long Pandemic Closure
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"Never Again must serve as a call to action, not just empty words we say. As antisemitism rises across New York and Holocaust survivors age, this new law will ensure that New York students are taught about what happens when hatred goes unchecked. I'm grateful to Governor Hochul for signing this package of legislation, and to all the organizations and advocates whose tireless work brought us to this moment," Assemblymember Nily Rozic said.

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New York Department of Financial Services To Publish a List of Banks that Voluntarily Waive Fees for Holocaust Reparation Payments

Auschwitz Survivor Leon Greenman 98288 At The Jewish Museum
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Another bill requires the New York State Department of Financial Services to publish a list of banks and financial institutions that voluntarily waive fees for Holocaust reparation payments.

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