June was a VERY good month for lottery winners here in New York State.

The New York Lottery announced that there were 23 "Big Money" lottery winners.

"Big Money" winners are people who won a lottery contest with the prize being worth $1 million or more dollars. Some people won a cool million while others took home $1000 per week for life and one June winner took home a record-breaking amount of winnings.

The biggest winner of the month was 71-year-old Johnnie Taylor who came forward at the beginning of the month to claim the record-setting $476 million dollar Mega Million jackpot. Taylor had the winning ticket from the April 17th drawing but waited until getting everything together before coming forward to claim his prize.

Some other "Big Money" winners include:

Juan Alvarez who won the $5 million dollars top prize in the New York Lottery’s Cash X100 scratch-off game.

Genine Plummer claimed her $1,000 A Week For Life second prize worth $1 million dollars from the New York Lottery's Cash4Life game.

A group of people who formed The Shadowknight LLC has claimed the $20 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot.

Manuel Quema top home the $3 million dollar top prize on the New York Lottery’s Triple Red 777 scratch-off game.

Overall the winners that came forward in the month of June totaled more than $500 million dollars in lottery winning.

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You can see all the "Big Money" winners HERE.

Let's hope that July is just as or even luckier for lottery players than June was.

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