Are you one of the many Hudson Valley residents who are in debt? It’s not unusual these days, especially with all that went down during the covid pandemic. So many people here in the Hudson Valley lost their jobs, had to close their businesses, and had to make huge lifestyle changes due to life altering events during the pandemic. Some folks actually feel lucky that debt is their biggest problem. And now some of those people might get a little luckier. It could even be you.

A new documentary reality show called Going For Broke is casting Hudson Valley families, couples, and individuals that need help getting out of debt. That’s right, they want to help you get out of the red, and into the black. Wouldn’t that be a huge stress reliever? The premise of the show is to help people take steps in getting out of debt with the help of respected financial advisors.

Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure that the show does not just give you money to get out of debt. It will take work on your part to get you out of debt, but once you have the guidance and tools you need to do that, getting out of debt will be easier and seem much less overwhelming. And you do get paid for being on the show. 

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in being a part of? You can apply through Hudson Valley Casting. Want to check out what the show is all about? You can watch the trailer right here. This may be the perfect opportunity to get yourself out of the financial hole you’ve been in and back to living comfortably. Good luck!

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