I think it would be an understatement to say that there are a lot of Hudson Valley Lego Brick collectors. I know people that collect new Lego Bricks, vintage Lego Bricks, new and vintage Lego Sets, and let me tell you they can be worth some big bucks.

According to Flipsy.co, who calls itself “The Ultimate Lego Selling Guide”, certain Lego Bricks or sets can go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. And ebay has vintage Lego Sets going for 200 dollars and more. Not everything fetches that much, but you never know. That’s not a bad pay check. But, you may wonder how to unload all those Lego Bricks that you’ve been collecting over the years. I’ve got great news. 

Brick House Resellers is opening right next to Hannaford in the Bridge View Plaza in Highland on March 26. Stop by to check out what they are calling the area's largest assortment of the world's favorite building bricks. Brick House Resellers will be selling bulk building bricks, vintage and collectible sets, Mini figures and more. And they are interested in buying your Lego Bricks, which we already know could be worth thousands. 

Brick House Resellers will also host birthday parties and summer programs, including STEAM, which stands for Science, Tech, Engineering Art and Mathematics. What a great addition to the Hudson Valley… a store that the whole family can enjoy. Good luck to the new Brickhouse Resellers, and good luck to you if you have vintage Lego Bricks to sell. A little extra spending money is always nice. And you can invest in more Lego Bricks.

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