Cheers, the Orange County area now has a new spot to get a hot cup of joe.

I could literally have a cup of coffee anytime and any day. Working in radio you quickly learn that large amounts of caffeine is needed and that you'll quickly get a caffeine addiction. I always like to check out new coffee spots and it was just announced that a new one will be opening up in Newburgh.

What new coffee spot opened up in Newburgh, NY?

Downstate Coffee just opened up on Friday, November 17th and they are serving high quality coffee, teas and food.  The owners live in Newburgh and said,

"We live here in Newburgh, we want to cut ourselves into the fabric of this city, and rewrite the narrative of what a great cafe/restaurant can be. We're inspired by the people of this city both high and low, and can't wait to offer everyone something to eat and drink. Our way."

More about Downstate Coffee in Newburgh:

The owners even reflected on how they had this vision a year ago and how they were able to bring it to life and make it a reality. We commend anyone who is able to do that and trying to make the community a better place.

Also, the front of the building looks very cool and they have a very sweet and welcoming sign on the door.

Since it is winter, there's not a lot to do so hanging out and enjoying some coffee is always a good choice for fun. Downstate Coffee is located on 47 Lander Street in Newburgh and is officially open for business..

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If you go and get a cup of there, let us know how it is on the station app.

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