A new brewery is set to open just in time for New Year's in the lower Hudson Valley. The location where the brewery will open has quite a bit of history to it as well. We know New Yorkers love their beer. In fact, recent numbers say that New York currently has the third most amount of breweries in the country with 423 total breweries.

New Brewery to Open in Westchester 

LoHud says the new brewery will offer a variety of beer styles, particularly those from areas in France, Belgium, and Germany. The location also plans on serving cocktails made in Dutchess, and wine from a well known Ulster County winery, respectively.

LoHud says that the new Argonne Rose Brewing Company will open its doors December 31 in Mohegan Lake. The new brewery will run at the sight of the historic St. George’s Church. Their menu says they will offer a variety of appetizers, sliders, and a build-your-own burger option.

LoHud says that there will be options for non-beer drinkers as well, such as cider, and canned cocktails from Liquid Fables in Beacon. They will also offer wine from Benmarl Winery in Marlboro.

More New Hudson Valley Breweries 

When some think of craft beer, they may associate it with some of the more over-the-top styles and flavors. However, another new brewery hopes to shift the focus away from the so-called quadruple IPAs, or barrel-aged barley wines with a 14% alcohol content.

The founder and owner of this new business recently told the press that his vision was for a place "to gather and hang out." He says his focus is aimed more towards "simpler beer(s)", with big flavors, but "without the hefty alcohol percentage."

New Hudson Valley Brewery

Zac Ross recently told LoHud that his goal was to create a brewery that was "more like a pub". For those of you reminiscing about their favorite old local bars from years back, this could be your new stop. LoHud reports that Marlowe Artisanal Ales has opened in Nyack in the same spot where Two Villains once ran on Main Street.


LoHud says that Ross started Marlowe in 2019 (which was named after his late grandfather), and actually ran most of the product through the company's Instagram page, in addition to serving as head brewer for a taproom in New Haven. CT.

Marlowe will join other Rockland County breweries such as; District 96, Gentle Giant, Two Ladders, and Defiant Brewing Company.

7 Hudson Valley Breweries Worth Visiting

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