So back in May we officially kicked off the flea market season in the Hudson Valley and truth be told, we haven't looked back. So far it has been an exciting season for the flea market buyers and sellers.

Hopefully, you have had a chance to hit a few of the more popular flea markets in Beacon, Stormville, and other spots throughout our tri-state area. New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and even New Jersey have some great places to find those bargain treasures. The summer is still young so pace yourself so you can hopefully get to them all.

Hudson Valley, NY Summer Flea Markets

Yard Sale

Some of the big mega flea markets have already had some of their larger sales but no worries, there are plenty more sales on the calendar for July and August. Stormville is still going strong and they have a great mix of everything, Beacon Flea is just waiting for you to stop down one weekend and make it a day in Beacon. You can also now head every weekend to Woodstock for the weekly flea market in the heart of town.

Ashokan Flea Market

Back in May, I told you about another fun flea market in Ashokan and the good news is they are getting ready to hold another event in July. Sunday, July 10th from 9 AM to 2 PM at the Ashokan Center. Once again, it promises to be a weekend full of things you might not find anywhere else.

You can come to buy or if you have the stuff to sell you are welcome too. Find out more about h. ow to be a vendor by clicking here. It is free to attend. Vendor fees are $25. No Dogs Please.

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