Many residents noticed something interesting in the Hudson River.

There really are a ton of cool things that go on in the Hudson Valley and we are no stranger to seeing some big names around here. I was looking on Instagram the other day and I couldn't help but notice that a big boat was docked in the Hudson River and there was a giant, popular name attached to it.

What mystery boat was spotted in the Hudson Valley?

Hudsonsloopclub Instagram/Canva
Hudsonsloopclub Instagram/Canva

The National Geographic/Travel boat appeared in the Hudson Valley because it gets full of tourists who want to see the beautiful scenery in the Hudson Valley (what a great way to spend a day), but this time there was some real significance to where it docked.

Where did the National Geographic/Travel boat dock in the Hudson Valley?

Here's where it gets cool for residents in the Hudson area. I reached out to the Hudson Sloop Club and they mentioned that the boat always has to dock in the Catskills because there never is enough room for it in Hudson. Once the boat docks, tourists would have to take buses back to Hudson and it would just be an extra step in the travel process.

However, this year officials made sure that the boat could dock directly in Hudson and they are trying to make it easier for tourists and residents. How great.

Are there more tours going on?

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Yes, if you are looking to spend the day on a National Geographic/Travel boat click here for more information. There are tours to see the fall foliage, iconic landmarks in the Hudson Valley and even one for NYC. If you do go on one, send us a picture and let us know how it is.

We're talking about big names, here's a pretty famous place in the area and things you might not know about 'The Walkway Over the Hudson':

Have You Been To FDR's Cousin's House in Rhinebeck, NY?

Some may only know about FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt but there were other family members who played a role in the Hudson Valley.

Thomas Suckley and his wife Catherine Murray Bowne created history in Dutchess County, NY. Their estate called "Wilderstein" was designed in the 1800's. 

According to, the meaning behind the name of their estate means "wild man's stone". This was in reference to "an Indian petroglyph on the property, a reminder of the cultural heritage that preceded European settlement of the region."

By the late 1800's, the son of Thomas and Catherine (Robert Bowne Suckley) along with his wife, Elizabeth Philips Montgomery decided to add onto the estate.

This "Queen Anne style mansion" is also known for its beautiful views, lush landscape and large property. There were three generations of the Suckley family members that lived at Wilderstein. 

Who was related to FDR?

Margaret Suckley was not only just a cousin of FDR but they spent quality time together. She traveled with FDR during his presidency and gifted him his black Scottish terrier dog, Fala.
Margaret also helped FDR form his library located in Hyde Park, NY.

Some would also say that she was a "confidante" to him as well. Margaret was with FDR when he passed away in Georgia. She died at the Wilderstein estate in 1991 at 100 years old.

Margaret was the last resident to live at Wilderstein. 

Wilderstein is also known as "the Hudson Valley's most important example of Victorian architecture."

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