Let’s face it, Mondays suck. Monday is as far away from the weekend as you can get, with nothing but a full week of work to think about. What we need is something cool to look forward to on Mondays. Something that would make them not suck anymore.

Well, Mondays just got better here in Dutchess County. If you love cars and you want to hang with other people who love cars, you now have something to look forward to on Monday evenings. Monday Car Shows are back at East Fishkill Provisions Smoke Haus and Deli at 567 Old Hopewell Road starting at 5PM, weather permitting. 

You don’t even have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy Monday Car Shows. Just a lover of fun. East Fishkill Provisions has great food like burgers, fries, and shakes, and everything is made fresh right there. They’ve got delicious ice cream, too. So, you can bring the whole family, have a little dinner and enjoy the awesome cars.

If you’ve got a cool car that you’d like to show off, or if you just want to check out the scene and have a bite to eat, why not head to East Fishkill Provisions on a Monday evening? It’s a great way to kick off the week, and it makes Mondays not suck quite as much. Just for the record, East Fishkill Provisions is great any day of the week, and they do catering too. For more information about Monday Car Shows at East Fishkill Provisions Smoke Haus and Deli, visit their website

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