Looking to unwind in the Hudson Valley? Now is the time. A popular Hudson Valley resort and spa made changes to their late 1800's getaway.

"The Hudson Valley's Most Iconic Resort" Has Made Changes.

The Smiley family founded Mohonk Mountain House in 1869. This was done with the intention to provide guests with the chance to escape and enjoy nature. There has never been and still is not any television on site.

They do this to encourage activities. Their 40,000 acres of nature and forest make it feel like a true escape from it all. Their resort is also a National Historic Landmark that is known for its award winning spa.

What Does Mohonk Mountain House Have On Site For Visitors?

There are many amenities at this historic resort, the options are endless.

Access to hiking trails, yoga, fitness classes, heated pool, outdoor activities such as gold, tennis and more.

This resort is open all year round with winter activities in the cooler months such as snow shoeing, outdoor ice skating and more. There is also a wide variety of dining options as well.

The New York Post Explained The Changes At Mohonk Mountain House

According to New York Post, 

"And now its spa is catching up, debuting a renovation by architect Robert D. Henry, its first refresh since opening 17 years ago. Henry did not radically alter what was already so appealing in the 30,000-square-foot space: The heated mineral pool remains, as do the fireplace lounge and multiple verandas with picture windows framing the Catskill mountains."

Other renovations included the interiors of the spa, furniture and added amenities.

New York Post also stated that, "Henry and the resort’s on-site “rustic crew” built an elegant 220-square-foot outdoor treatment room called the Lakeview Summerhouse, where the spa offers massages as well as yoga classes and mindfulness sessions (services from $300)."

Guests come from all around the world to experience Mohonk Mountain House, are you next? Share with us below of your experience there.

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