Twenty years ago this week a local family was devistated. A beloved family member disappears and still no one has come forward with information to help find him or to help his family get closure.

Anthony Urciuoli, Jr, Tony to his friends, Little Tony to his mom, went about his day and according to the police report, told his family that he was going to meet some friends and that he would be back in awhile.

Where did he go? Tony lived in Poughkeepsie near the Galleria Mall. He worked part-time at the local diner. According to his mom, Tony was a good kid. For a brief time I worked with Tony's mom, Sandy at a clothing store in the Galleria, Gantos. Every once-in-awhile, he would stop in and say hi to his mom. I always just thought it was sweet. This was what you would want your own son to do, right? Just stop in to say hi.

Sandy, has an infectous way about her, a larger than life laugh and a smile that would light up any room. It is hard to think of that smile being diminished, to possibly never return. In addition to working at that clothing store, Sandy also drove a school bus. She's the type of person who remembered everyones name, and just a super warm and kind woman.

Think of this woman, waking up on January 25, 2001 to find her sons bed still made. To see that he had not come home that night. What happened between the time he left the house on the night of January 24, 2001 until the time the Town of Poughkeepsie Police found his car, with his wallet in it, parked at Spratt Park, Wilbur Blvd in Poughkeepsie later in the day on January 25, 2001? Does someone know and they are not coming forward?

Tony would be 51 now. Would he have gotten married, had kids? Made his parents grandparents? His sister an Auntie?

Twenty years and still no one has come forward with any information. The Town of Poughkeepsie Police are still accepting tips and any information on this, and many other Missing Persons cases.

What do you know? Help get closure for this family. Help bring one mom's smile back. It has been twenty years, doesn't she deserve to know what happened?


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