All of that happened and there's more? It's safe to say that there are always a ton of things to do in the Hudson Valley, but especially in Middletown, NY. You have your choice of restaurants, shopping at the Galleria at Crystal Run Mall, and much more. I've always wanted to know how Middletown got its name and when I was doing my research, I noticed there are MULTIPLE places across the country that are named Middletown, here's what I found.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Our Middletown, New York:

There are a few theories on how Middletown got its name, but this one seems to stick. According to sources, the name was given because it's almost halfway between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, which makes sense. Some people do say it was named after Middletown in Connecticut.

Another one - Middletown, Connecticut:

That leads us to this one, I'm originally from Connecticut and have visited Middletown, CT a few times. It's a cute little area and is located near the water. Sources say, it was once a busy sailing port and now it's a popular hangout spot for Wesleyan University. Middletown, Connecticut would make a great weekend trip for Hudson Valley residents.

And another - Middletown, Pennsylvania:

All you need to know about this is that it's only 7 miles from Hershey. My mouth is already watering from thinking about all of that chocolate. Middletown also has a historical museum and a beautiful public library that you can visit.

Here's one a little bit warmer - Middletown, California:

I might be a little biased being a warm weather fan, but this is the one I was most excited to research. Middletown is located in Lake County and is known for having hot and dry summers. In fact, the average summer monthly temperature is 97 degrees, sign me up. It was also once a popular area for resorts.

Did you know that there are at least 13 areas across the country with the name Middletown? It ranges everywhere from the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast and it's a pretty popular name. If you have been to another "Middletown" share your experience with us on the station app.

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