Have you been thinking about heading out on a family (or adult) adventure? There are fewer days until the kids go back to school and maybe even fewer days that they want to spend time with their parents.

Metro North is offering discounts to people and families for certain events and programs throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City.

There is a great exhibit in New York City that is called "Immersive Van Gogh Experience" where entire rooms have been painted like Van Gogh paintings. If you book your tickets through the MTA website you will get a 10% discount to the exhibit.

If you want to head to the New York Botanical Garden, you can take the train and get a discount admission to the Botanical Garden, 20% off on Garden Passes, through October 31, 2021.

How You Can Ride Metro North For $1

If you are a monthly pass holder, during the month of August, on Saturdays you can bring or travel with four additional people and those people can ride the train for $1 each.

If you are looking to go on a 21 and over adventure and take the train, the you can also get discount admission to the Putman County Wine & Food Festival in Cold Spring. For this event you can get 25% off both the admission to the festival and your train ride.

No, these are not the only discount packages that you can get via Metro North. The best way to take advantage of the discounts and savings is to always check out their website, for all of their daytrips and discounts. 

Another quick tip, if you like going to see the Christmas show with the Rockettes at Radio City, check the site, Metro North usually has discount admission and rail tickets.

Enjoy making memories with your new adventures.

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