Some of the most poignant memories of pregnancy are hearing your baby's heartbeat, seeing his or her tiny hands for the first time or (if he or she cooperates) capturing that little face on camera for the first time.

You might not be able to capture those memories at your doctor's office, but Dutchess 3D Imaging understands the importance of starting that special bond before birth. Here are five of our favorite options for experiencing your little one and making memories before the big arrival:

1) Heartbeat Bear - Not only do you get to hear your baby's heartbeat during your appointment with Dutchess 3D Imaging, but you can record it in the bear's heart module. Not only is it a great keepsake for adults, but it's a beautiful gift for a young sibling or cousin.

2) Heartbeat Jewelry - Wear their heartbeat close to your heart with affordable metal jewelry; prices range from $55 to $99. It's also the perfect gift for special aunts and grandparents!

3) 3D Ultrasound Images - Experience how chubby those cheeks are and what that face might look like when you meet in person for the first time. 3D images show more detail and seem more life-like than tradition 2D images on thermal paper, plus Dutchess 3D Imaging offers packages with 3D images are loaded to a secure website for you to access electronically, too.

4) Ultrasound Video - Also called 4D imaging, you can receive video clips of the ultrasound imaging. It's a true keepsake of your experience!

5) Gender Reveal - Forget the surprise cupcake or colorful confetti. At 14 weeks and later, Dutchess 3D Imaging can show you the gender, captured in both 2D and 3D and uploaded to digital file for you to share with others. They understand that babies don't always reveal their gender on cue, so free rescans are available if needed.

Your 3D imaging experience will vary by the stage in pregnancy, according to Dutchess 3D Imaging's website:

Earlier in your pregnancy, you will see cute, tiny body parts and often the baby is moving quite a bit. Mid pregnancy the baby is growing and filling out and you are able to better see facial features. Later pregnancy will show a full-faced baby, and chubby hands and feet, but not usually in the same frame as they are larger now, unless of course they have the hand or foot in the face!

They offer a variety of packages to give you the experiences and memories most important to you. Learn more at or by calling (845) 554-3421.

Celebrating quarantine babies: Dutchess 3D Imaging knows that many traditions had to adapt or be abandoned altogether during the pandemic, so they are partnering with us to celebrate Hudson Valley babies born in the past year. Click here to check out all their beautiful photographs.

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