Maybe you can be the one who gets free food for life. I'm not ashamed to admit that I could eat McDonald's almost everyday. There's something about their french fries that are addicting and it just feels like comfort when you eat their food. McDonald's is offering a pretty incredible opportunity to some loyal fans and the winners could win FREE FOOD FOR LIFE from the fast food giant.


What's the McDonald's McGold Card?

It's been a bit of myth and many people don't believe it's really there, but the McDonald's Gold Card allows you get a crazy amount of free food from McDonald's for life. The best part is you can also share the winnings with friends or family.  What better way to show the holiday spirit?

How do you get a McGold Card?

Well, it's simple:

Breakdown of the winnings:

I can't get over this, the card is valued at $297,140.00 and winners will also receive a check to help "offset taxes". More specifically, it equals getting a $10 meal 2 times a week, so you can't just park yourself at a McDonald's and go crazy. No matter how you break it down it's an amazing deal that will be life changing to those who get it.

However, you have to wait until December 5th to qualify and the promotion goes until December 25th. Think you could eat that many Big Macs? Also, if you win feel free to message the station app and share some french fries with us.

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