Participating McDonald's locations are giving their thanks by offering free meals this week to workers who are on the front lines.

Healthcare workers and first responders are working harder than ever while both keeping us safe and battling against the corona virus. It's important that we keep them fed. By allowing them to not worry about where their next meal or their entire family's next meal frees time up for them to focus on much more important matters right now.

Feeding the front line has become a popular movement in the Hudson Valley and one of America's biggest fast food chains is hopping on board fore a limited time.

According to McDonald's, they're offering free "thank you" meals from 4/22 - 5/5 at participating locations.

They're offering both a limited breakfast and lunch menu. If you're a first responder ot health care worker you can take advantage by simply asking for your "thank you" meal and showing your proof of employment.

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