If you live in New Paltz and you do anything that involves art chances are you have been to Manny's Art Supplies on Main Street in New Paltz New York. Helping artist since 1962. Manny's is a family-owned business that has made sure that Hudson Valley artists had the supplies they need for 60 years.

Having lots of artists friends and family I have been to Manny's many times. I have also gone there often just to pick up cards or craft items for gifts. I couldn't imagine not being able to pull up in front of the store and hop out real quick to run in for everything from paintbrushes to poster board to artistic gifts.

Manny's Art Supplies' Owners Retire in New Paltz, NY

Manny's Art Supply Via Facebook
Manny's Art Supply Via Facebook

Manny's has been serving their community for 60 years and today (May 27, 2022) they made a big announcement. They posted to Manny's Facebook page that they will be pasting the torch.

This is the post you’ve all been waiting for! For 60 years, Manny’s has been a beacon of delight for artists, crafters, and philosophers alike. No matter where people find themselves, they often find their way back to Manny’s with fond memories and strange stories to tell. The pillars of this vital establishment - Marilyn and Tom - have finally given themselves the gift of retirement! (via Manny's Art Supplies Facebook)

Marilyn and Tom are leaving the store but they are leaving it in good hands. You will still be able to shop Manny's for all your art needs and as the next generation moves in to create another 60 years of serving Hudson Valley artists you can rest assured that everything art can still be found at 83 Main Street in New Paltz, NY. Amanda and Zack DelFavero are looking forward to carrying on the Manny's tradition plus adding some of their own. They will be there to help you with all things art and more.

Manny’s Art Supplies was the first – and is still the most original – art supply store in the Hudson Valley. (via Manny's Art Supplies Facebook)


Tour Manny's Art Supplies in New Paltz, NY

Manny's Art Supplies in New Paltz, NY

Marilyn and Tom are passing the torch at Manny's Art Supplies in New Paltz, NY to the next two people dedicated to supplying HudsonValley Artists with all their needs.

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