YOU SHALL NOT PASS! What would you do if you were in this situation? A man brought a motorcycle on a subway train and got mad at people who were trying to squeeze by.

I don't live in the city so I do not take the subway train regularly but I have used it a few times. I know it is not uncommon for someone to commute and bring their bicycle. It's not normal for someone to bring their full-sized and gas-powered motorcycle on the subway car. That didn't stop someone from bringing theirs on board.

You would think that if you were bringing a motorcycle on the train you'd be a little bit embarrassed since it's a bit of an uncomfortable situation and you are massively inconveniencing other passengers. That didn't stop this dude at all. If there were an award for the biggest jerk this guy might bring home first prize.

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The incident was recorded and the video was uploaded on social media. The video shows the man and his bike blocking an entire side of the train from passing by him.

Did he not have a motorcycle license? Did he run out of gas?

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