In one of the stranger local stories in years, a man who disappeared nearly 10 years ago was found dead on December 5. What makes it really odd is that police said he had taken on an entirely different name by the time he was discovered.

His disappearance made national news and was even featured in a May 2016 episode of Investigation Discovery's Disappeared

Man Disappears From CT and is Later Found In New York  

The New York Post says that 59-year-old Robert Hoagland was last seen at a gas station on July 28, 2013, in Newtown, Connecticut. The description from the episode of Disappeared, entitled A Family Man, says Hoagland's wife was frantic after he failed to pick her up from the airport.


The Post says Hoagland left everything behind at his home in Newtown. NBC says the case would remain open for years.

The Newtown Police Department said in a press release, that the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office responded to the untimely death of a male at a residence in Rock Hill, NY December 5. While they couldn't identify who it was initially, police said they found papers revealing that the deceased subject was indeed Hoagland.

Man Changes Name 

The New York Post says that since leaving Connecticut for Sullivan County, he had been going by the name Richard King.

Why would this husband and father leave his family behind and disappear? Some may assume he was running away from something (or someone), but Newtown Police say there were no signs of foul play in his death. They also confirmed to the Post that there was “no criminal aspect” to his disappearance.

Many would say though that the mystery has only deepened at this point.

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