You can continue to keep the Adirondack parks, historic places, and public sites clean with the "I Love My Park Day" happening in May. We all love the natural beauty around us but unfortunately, there is a lot to be done to keep it clean. This is where you can help.

When we went camping at Frontier Town campsite I kept thinking how clean and well kept it was. I understand though that it takes time to maintain the parks and the grounds. Many times the upkeep is done by volunteers like you.

You can register for New York State's 10th annual "I Love My Park Day" being held on May 1st and 2nd in parks and historic sites across the state. The two-day event will help raise awareness of the amazing sites and pristine condition that these sites should always be in.

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There are one hundred twenty parks, public lands, and historic sites across the state that will benefit from this event. If you wish to volunteer, you will help with important projects, clean up trash and debris, and plant trees and gardens. You will also restore trails and wildlife habitats.

Registration is limited because of COVID restrictions so there will only be fifty people allowed per site per day. You will also have to wear face-coverings and practice social distancing. To register to volunteer, click HERE.

Governor Cuomo said of the "I Love My Park Day":

It is a great opportunity to give back to our incredible park system, and I encourage New Yorkers to sign up and volunteer at a participating park or historic site in their area to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy these amazing resources.

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