Paranormal Expert Lorraine Warren is known for her amazing work, but deep down she's really just like us.

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It's a very common thing in the parent/child dynamic that kids usually don't define what there parents do as "cool". It's just part of life and at some point it does change and you realize that they actually did do some pretty cool things. It's crazy that we're inching closer to fall (I am NOT happy about it) and that Halloween is going to be here before we know it. Halloween is a pretty cool holiday and I do like the spookyness of it, but it should just be in July when it's nice, warm and SUMMER THE BEST TIME OF YEAR (I've thought this out a lot). If you have been watching tv lately, you can tell that the spooky movies and tv shows are all being played more frequently. Speaking of all of that, my mom was able to interview a very prominent person in the paranormal industry and had a lot of cool things to say about it.

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Who was Lorraine Warren?

The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research/Canva
The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research/Canva

Most have people have heard her name at least once. Lorraine Warren and her husband Ed Warren were born in Connecticut and lived in Monroe (I have driven by her house and it looks awesome). Lorraine and her husband founded the New England Society for Physic Research and really became known for their paranormal work on hauntings that have been made into HUGE successful movies like 'The Amityville Horror', 'The Conjuring', 'The Haunting in Connecticut' who could forget 'Annabelle' and more. The Warrens even had a museum on their property in Connecticut and that's where the famous Annabelle doll reportedly stayed.

Sadly, both Lorraine and Ed Warren passed away, but their huge contributions to the paranormal world will never be forgotten. Many people would call the couple and ask for help with demonic situations/hauntings and a lot of people credit them with bringing attention and awareness to how deep the paranormal world can be. I know there are non-believers and everyone can have their own opinions, but the Warren's brought a lot of peace to those who needed help.

So back to my mom. She was working at our newspaper in town and was able to interview Lorraine Warren and talk about an appearance she was doing at Pomperaug High School in Connecticut. She was able to go to Mrs. Warren's house, spend some time with her, talk about her life and she said it was something she never forgot. My mom mentioned how kind Lorraine Warren was and how despite being famous she was just a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, how her family was very important to her and those were the roles that  she was most proud of. My mom also mentioned that for someone who saw a lot of evil, Mrs. Warren was very positive and tried to see the good in things. Mrs. Warren had a few plaques hanging up in her home and one of my mom's favorites was "It's when things seem worse that you musn't quit". She really went on and on about how cool of a person Lorraine Warren was and how she was really just like us.

My mom was invited into the museum, but she said a polite no thank you, she said she'd leave that for the younger kids.

Since Halloween is approaching you will probably see some of those movies on tv and we can take a moment and  remember what interesting people Ed and Lorraine Warren were.

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