Bargain hunters have been waiting patiently for this discount gas station to come to Dutchess County, and now it looks like it may finally happen.

Gas prices have been climbing this summer, hitting Hudson Valley drivers in the pocket just as they get back to commuting to work and making plans for last-minute getaways before school starts back up again. Bargain hunting for gas can be exhausting, as prices seem to go up and down by the day. Some drivers rely on discounts for their gas, whether it's from supermarket points or wholesale stores.

Customers of BJ's in Dutchess County have been missing out on a pretty big perk of their membership. Shoppers in Orange County can use their cards to take advantage of the BJ's fueling station in Newburgh, purchasing gas at wholesale prices. Members in Dutchess County, however, have been unable to fuel up locally since the closest BJ's gas station is all the way across the river.

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Well, that may change soon, as BJ's is currently proposing a stand-alone discount gas station to be built on Route 9, not too far away from their wholesale club. There have been rumors for years that BJ's was attempting to build a gas station in their parking lot, but was thwarted by zoning and environmental restrictions. It now appears that the wholesale club has purchased a plot of land on Route 9 to develop their own fueling area.

Paperwork has been submitted to the Town of Wappinger planning board for an "offsite" BJ's gas station on Route 9 just north of Smithtown Rd, adjacent to the Volkswagon dealership. The undeveloped 4.6 acres of land would be transformed into a station with six double-sided gas pumps dispensing regular, premium and diesel fuel. The self-serve pumps would stand on the lot with a small kiosk for an attendant. The station would have no convenience store or other sales element to it, aside from the ability to sell BJs memberships.

Town of Wappinger

If approved, the station is expected to operate every day from 6:30am to 10:00pm, closing at 8:00pm on Sundays.

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