Do you have a friend or family member who has been incarcerated in the State of New York? Did you know there was a way to find out where they are located? When you know that, you can reach out to them.

You can also see when someone was released from a New York State Correctional Facility. What do you need to know to do a search? When can you do a search? Scroll for the answers. 

When can you search the database to find your friend or family member in New York State?

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Believe it or not, you can pretty much search the data base 24-hours a day, baring a few minutes per week (about 15) where they update the system.

What type of information will you find out about the prisoners during the search?

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During the search, the type of information you will be able to find out includes the 'status and location' of the persons who are in the New York State correctional system. You can also find out when a person was released.

What type of information will you need to help you find your prisoner?

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To better help your search it is good to have the following information, that might not be needed; the prisoner's ID number, their name, and their year of birth. You could potentially be able to get the information that you need with fewer inputs, ie; partial last name, but the more information you have the more successful your search.

How can you access this information and do your own search for a New York State prisoner?

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Grant Durr for Unsplash

You can just check out the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, here is the link that you need to check it out. 

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