If you’re a fan of HGTV, I’m sure that you’ve seen the shows that feature the latest thing in home building, tiny homes. Some of these homes are stationary, built on foundations while others can be constructed on something that can be moved from site to site. Locally, an organization is planning to borrow on the theme of tiny homes by providing shelter for homeless veterans.

Rumshock Veterans Foundation provides veterans with the opportunity to be successful and improve their well being. This nonprofit organization focuses their program on four different concepts of their project. Rumshock Veterans Foundation’s upcoming plan is to build a tiny home community called Victory Village. In addition to this, they believe that Hydroponic Farming is essential which would be maintained by the residents who reside there. Another piece of the program consists of providing residents with transportation to appointments and etc. Lastly, Rumshock Veterans Foundation has The Electronic Waste Recycling Program in which they accept donated items that are then recycled and sold for needed funds.

This village would be on 75 acres with tiny homes that include backyards, gardens and energy efficient features within the dwelling. The village hopes to supply up to 90 homes for veterans.

Rumshock Veterans Foundation will make this community open to Orange County veterans as they will have first preference. Afterwards, the village will be open to veterans from other counties.

For more information, feel free to contact Rumshock Veterans Foundation.

5 Hamilton Ave., Highland Mills, NY 10930, US

Phone: (845) 325-2203

Email: info@rumshockvf.org

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