With so many out of work your local SPCA may be soon inundated with pets. Please help if you can. If you're struggling to provide food for your pet they may be able to assist through their donations to ensure you keep your companion.

Feeding and taking care of adoptable pets is an essential service. The Dutchess County SPCA is open by appointment only and they may need your help now more than ever.

The Dutchess County SPCA is expecting many pets to displaced because of the financial devastation from the COVID-19 outbreak. They'll be looking towards Hudson Valley residents who are able to either adopt or foster these animals.

Sadly, both Hudson Valley residents who either face illness or  economic hardship because of the corona virus outbreak may be forced to give up their pets for adoption.

The DCSPCA is looking for a large number of foster parents for pets that may arrive space in their facility could come extremely limited.

If you are going through a tough time financially and worry about the care of your pets please make sure giving them up for adoption is the last resort. The DCSPCA can assist pet owners with food through the Pet Food Pantry.

If you can't help out by adopting or fostering you can donate monetarily as several of their fundraising events have been cancelled.

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