The holiday season brings so much joy during this special time of the year. One of my favorite things to do is decorate my space with cute little Santa’s, set up my manger and place shimmering lights throughout.

Many of us decorate our space during Christmas but never really think about why we do it. Each decoration can hold a special place in our heart or we just like how it looks in a certain space. Whether we decorate our outside with lights or inside with garlands, there’s always something to look forward to. However, putting a wreath on the door actually has a symbolic meaning behind it. Whether this idea is totally true, it signifies the shape of the wreath being a circle, which represents eternity. The green part of the wreath highlights growth and life. On the other hand, folks like putting a wreath on their door to welcome family and friends into their home with holiday spirit.

What does a wreath mean to you? I hope that I didn’t get too far into your mind. I’ve never went to a workshop to make something homemade but after seeing this event, it makes me want to join in and channel my inner holiday spirit.

A local farm is hosting a holiday wreath and bow making shop here in the Hudson Valley.  This class will be held on Saturday December 5, 2020 starting at 10 am. Pierson’s Farm in Otisville welcomes the public to attend this class and join in on festive fun. You’ll have the chance to decorate a balsam wreath along with bows as well. This class costs from $35-$45 per person.

Pierson’s Farm is known for their natural beef farm. At their farm, they also have chickens and welcome the public to visit their beautiful countryside.

They also sell locally grown and fresh goodies. Starting from their  jams, syrups and honey to their milk, candles and various holiday décor. If you’re interested in ordering their farm fresh chicken, beef or eggs, I’ll provide contact information below.

Their winter holiday hours consist of

Now until Dec 23rd,

Monday – Thursday

10:00am – 5:00pm

Friday – Sunday

10:00am – 7:00pm


Pierson's Farm

1448 Route 211, Otisville, NY 10963, United States

Phone: 845-283-7927

Happy decorating! :)



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