Many local businesses who were offering you one type of product a few weeks ago have subtly switched offerings to benefit you. One of the companies that has done this is Edible (formerly known as Edible Arrangements).

According to a press release, when the individual business owners realized that consumers where reaching out to them to get fresh fruit but that they wanted other items. Edible started to offer, 'Fruit & Produce Bundles" along with making fruit smoothies to-go at most of the establishments. The list of products varies by location. Contact your local Edibles shop for their particular list of offerings. As many of the grocery chains have been inundated with requests for delivery, this gives people another option to get fresh fruit and produce delivered.

Other local businesses who are offering items that are not normally on their menu for curbside pick-up or delivery include:

What other restaurants are offering items like lettuce or milk, that you wouldn't normally associate them with having on the menu? Let us know.

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