I was an L.L. Bean fan long before I ever got to go to the flagship store in Freeport Maine. That didn't happen until my husband at the time and I were visiting friends in Maine and decided a trip to the store that had been open 24 hours a day since 1951 with few exceptions was on our must-do list.

We left for home after that outing with more clothes and camping accessories than should not even be legally human. Up until then, all my shopping at L.L. Bean had been done from a catalog. Now there is word flying around that there may be a new L.L. Bean store in New York.

L.L. Bean has Announced They Will be Opening in Kingston, New York

Glancing at social media the other night I saw a few posts mentioning that L.L> Bean is being considered for a location on Ulster Avenue in Kingston, New York. Both the Daily Freeman and Kingstonwire.com were reporting it online. At the moment the closest store we have to the Hudson Valley are Danbury, Yonkers and Albany.

Where Will the New L.L. Bean Store be Located in Kingston, New York?

Ulster Crossing via LoopNet / Benderson Development / Mike Mundy
Ulster Crossing via LoopNet / Benderson Development / Mike Mundy

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I decided before I shared the news I should at least attempt to get you some more information and also verify that this wasn't just a rumor. I reached out to L.L. Bean on Facebook and they directed me to their press office. Apparently, this is going to be a store at Ulster Crossing. There just happens to be a space available which you can view on LoopNet.com that up until a few months ago was a Bed, Bath and Beyond.

LL Bean via Facebook
LL Bean via Facebook

I heard back from Jason Sulham L.L. Bean's Manager of Public Affairs. He replied L.L. Bean is in the early stages of the process.

 I can confirm that we are planning to open a store at Ulster Crossing. (via email - Jason Sulham L.L. Bean's Manager of Public Affairs)

But apparently, there is no date set yet for the actual opening of the store. So It is going to be up to all of us to keep an eye out for the Big Brown Boot driving around Ulster County because that could be the hint that we are close to having an L.L. Bean store in the Hudson Valley.

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