New York State is one of the top wine producing states in our nation. Yes, California is the number one producer, but New York, Washington State, and Oregon are neck and neck for the positions of 2 through 4th. 

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According to the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, in 2019, there were 471 operating wineries in the state. So what are the odds that one small vineyard would make the prestigous Wine Spectator Top 100 list, not once, but twice? The odds are not necessarily ones you would want to take to Las Vegas, but one Finger Lakes winery did it.

Forge Cellars, located on the Seneca Lake of the Finger Lakes, made their first appearance on the list for their 2014 vintage and the 2020 list for their 2018 Dry Riesling Classique, which took the #31 positon on the list.

Wineries around the world compete for the honor of being on this list, as it almost guarentees not only will you sell out of the wine that you worked so painstakingly to produce and craft, but it also has the ablility to get your wineries name infront of people who had no idea that you exisisted.

Would you like to try this wine? It is a Dry Riesling which according to the Forge Cellars website, earned a rating of 91 points from the folks at Wine Spectator. Well, the wine, no surprise, is sold out at the winery. You might be able to find it at your local retailer or by making a quick visit to

If you like wine, think about making a visit to a local winery. Yes, they might have a few different operating protocols because of Covid, or they might not even be open at all for tastings, but check them out. With over 450 wineries across the state, you really do have a good shot at finding a wine (or 10) that you might like to drink. Cheers.

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