The Pledge of Allegiance is how most kids start their day at school, and now we will be starting our day here at Lite-FM with "The Kids Pledge".

Each morning at 6am, we will highlight and air a child either by themselves, with a friend, sibling, with you, or as a group saying the "The Pledge of Allegiance". We will ask you to record the child saying the pledge and send it to us through the 94.3 Lite-FM mobile app.

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Your kids can part of a new Lite FM morning show tradition! We have provided instructions below on how to submit the audio to us. We look forward to having your child on the air with us!

How To Submit The Pledge Of Allegiance Audio To Lite-FM

If you are looking to submit audio of your child, Boy Scout or Girl Scout group, class, or any other sort of group to us, just follow these instructions!

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