Many residents are shocked by the announcement and want to know why.

One of the reasons why Newburgh is so unique is that there are TONS of different restaurants to try there. Every kind of cuisine is pretty much covered and each place has its own unique spin on it.

When you say Newburgh, everyone usually thinks of the Newburgh waterfront (one of my favorite places) and that is usually the place to be in the summer. However, if you go more into Newburgh you'll see there are so many hidden restaurants with fabulous and delicious foods. Sadly, one of them will be closing its doors and many patrons are very sad by the sudden news.

What Restaurant in Newburgh Will Be Closing Its Doors for Good?

Ugh, this one is tough because it's been a staple in the Newburgh area. Liberty Street Bistro is located at 97 Liberty Street in Newburgh and they recently announced that they will be closing for good.

The business has been open for 6 1/2 years, has offered unique food options and provided a cozy dining setting for customers. The owner (Mike Kelly) put out a beautiful statement that explains more about the decision to close. He also mentions how Newburgh has a tough reputation, but we should really embrace its growth and change:

When Will Liberty Street Bistro Be Closing?

You still have time to get over there. The Liberty Street Bistro will be having its last dinner service on November 19th. No word yet on what the future will hold for them, but we wish all of the staff there nothing but the best and we hope to see them in the Hudson Valley in the future.

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It's important to remember that small businesses have really taken a hit over the past few years. Let's all make an effort to shop local, especially during the holiday season and help support our local businesses.

We are talking about a fancy spot, here are celebrities who raved about the Hudson Valley and unfortunately some other businesses that have closed down in the area:

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