I swear it works and it will blow your mind.

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I love wearing white, but I'm always that person that gets a HUGE stain while wearing it. It happened to me the other day, I was here in the studio and out of nowhere I got this big pen mark all down my shirt. I know pen can be tricky and anything on white does not come easily, but I thought of an old stain hack my Grandma told me about years ago and decided to try it. The results from it were pretty shocking...

What is the best laundry hack for stains?


My grandma told me to put hairspray directly on the stain and it will come out and look good as new. When she first said this I looked at her like she has 3 heads and it sounded so crazy that's probably why I never tried it. I was pretty desperate and always have a ton of hairspray so i figured why not?

OMG, the stain started to come out and after a few sprays it looked as good as new. Who knew?

I immediately called her because once again she was right and I was wrong. I'm still stunned, the shirt still looks amazing and it was something that so simple. Here I thought I was going to have to soak it for hours and this literally took 10 minutes.

Have you heard of the hairspray hack before? Do you have any other laundry hacks to share with us? Share them now on the station app.

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