I will find any reason I can to get out on a boat. Getting out on the Hudson River is always fun but when I saw what you could do this fall on a boat out of Kingston I had to share the news. So many spooky things to do in the Hudson Valley and now you can do one on a boat.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do with your friends this Fall in the Hudson Valley you have to book yourself and everyone on a Lantern Cruise. The Hudson River Maritime Museum on the Rondout in Kingston offers these spooky lantern lit cruises on the Solaris, a 100% solar powered tour boat.

Imagine floating about in the Rondout Creek and the Hudson River listening to your tour guide tell you stories from centuries ago. You will drift by history and hear tales that may leave you only wanting to go back out on the Hudson River in daylight. They tell the tale of the Serpent of the Hudson River, there is a story that involves a crime committed by William Salisbury and you will learn about the Rondout's barge graveyard.

All of this fun takes place on the Solaris, a boat that the Hudson River Maritime Museum uses as a floating classroom. For the calendar of tours and more details go online to solarboattours.org. The Solaris offers many different type of tours during daylight hours including a Light House tour.

The Lantern tours start up in October and I imagine they will book up fast so be sure to pick a date quick and make your reservation. According to the Facebook event post where I gather all of this information, your tour ticket also include a ticket to tour the museum. Many of us don't realize how much rich maritime history takes place along the Rondout in Kingston. This might seem silly of me to say but I think this cruise on might actually be more fun than a booze cruise.

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