Now, this is something to get fired up about for this coming summer.

It is still hard to believe how much we really missed out on last summer. The more things start coming back, the more you realize summer 2020 was pretty much a lost season when it comes to many of the warm weather activities we love to enjoy in Upstate New York. Thankfully, it seems many of those activities will make a 2021 comeback, including the fireworks in Lake George.

According to a News 10 report, the weekly Thursday night fireworks will resume in June and the 4th of July show will return as well. Lake George did a test run of fireworks at their Winterfest which apparently went well and led officials to bring them back for summer 2021.

Getting some bigger outdoor happenings like this going again is great, and getting back to summer pastimes will be nice this year. But, what I am hoping for most this summer is hopefully getting back to shows, high-fiving, and bumping into each other in the pit at SPAC. That's when we will be officially BACK. Actually, when someone spills a $15 beer on me at SPAC, that will be the moment we are officially all the way back!

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