Soon we will have another great choice for lunch and dinner. There's something for everyone here in the Hudson Valley and we have very unique choices compared to other areas.

It's always exciting when you see a sign that says a new restaurant is coming. I was driving around the other day and I noticed a new restaurant is going to be coming into one popular Hudson Valley plaza.

What New Restaurant Will Be Coming to the Hudson Valley?

A. Camilleri
A. Camilleri

It was once the 'Passion for Fashion' store and it's located off of Freedom Plains Road in Lagrange in Dutchess County. The potential new spot is right near the Chase Bank and it's pretty easy to see from the road when you drive by.

What is the new place going to be named?

A. Camilleri
A. Camilleri

The new restaurant is called El Coqui and it's going to serve Puerto Rican food. I think this is going to be great and even more options will be open to Hudson Valley residents. No word on when it will be opening, but it looks like work is being done to it so I can only imagine it will be shortly.

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If you find out when it opens or go when it does, please send us a picture and more information on the station app. We always love to support new places and businesses and are always down for a taste test.

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