Are you adventurous when it comes to food?  If you are, would you be adventurous enough to try "Buffalo Sauce Flavored Mayo?"

Is Buffalo Sauce Mayo a real thing?

It sure is.  Kraft has announced that they have released a "KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing" to enter into the spicy category.  It's described as "a tangy, creamy new offering that delivers a deliciously spicy burst of flavor sure to fulfill fans’ desire for bolder flavors from their favorite brands."

The new dressing is made with cayenne pepper puree, butter, vinegar, "and of course, the velvety smooth texture KRAFT Real Mayo fans know and love."

When can you get it?

You can actually buy it right now.  They say it's available through all major retailers.  I was able to find it online too at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. A 22 ounce bottle will cost around $5.

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What would you use Buffalo Mayo for?

They suggest using it for a bunch of things.  You could put it on a burger.  I could picture that being pretty good.  They say you could dip your fries in it.  They also suggest it would spice up your breakfast if you mixed it in with some breakfast potatoes or hash browns.

They even suggested using it as a dip for chicken nuggets.

They also have a special gift so that you can take it everywhere you go

Does the Buffalo Mayo sound good to you?  If you're a huge fan of mayo...and buffalo sauce, you could take it with you with a special lip balm. can get a Buffalo sauce-flavored mayo lip balm so that you can always have that taste on your lips.

Still on board?  Check out how to get it, by clicking here.

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